Monday, December 07, 2009

Homosexuality is not our biggest problem!

So, our biggest problem is homosexuality. As a country, what plagues us most is the thought of seeing one man kiss another—or some middle-aged woman fondle a colleague’s breasts. That, colleagues, is our biggest problem.

Otherwise what would explain the fact that an MP and our ethics minister (yes, we have that portfolio) are dying to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which will not just criminalise the act of same-sex affairs but also in some cases offer punishment of death.

Our government is so resolute in passing this legislation, that it has told donors to keep their aid if they will tamper with our pet project. “We shall not bend over for aid,” Ethics Minister Nsaba Buturo, asserted, as he vowed to make Uganda an unsafe place for people with a homosexual disposition.

I have always insisted that homosexuality is a biological sexual disposition. My only problem is when its crusaders parade it and try to put t in everyone’s faces. To that extent, I believe they are not in order.

But when a whole government spends hours to legislate on a matter that concerns perhaps less than 0.005 of our population, then I am compelled to pick issue with it. Never mind that the philosophy behind this hate campaign is “to protect our children from corrosive external influence”. Yes, our government cares so much about our children to protect them from a measly number of homosexuals but not the thousands of vampires called public administrators and managers—who suck public funds (about Shs500 billion annually) at the expense of social services and utilities.

The Nsaba Buturos of this world and Bahati are so worried about our children becoming gay—but unfazed that those children’s parents are engaged in extra-marital relationships explaining the stagnating HIV/Aids prevalence at 6.5 per cent—and yes, those parents are heterosexuals.

In punishing gays and keeping silent on other behavioural “ills” like fornication, voyeurism, multiple sex partners, etc—what the heck do we think we are doing?

But like I have argued before? Who deserves the death penalty? The homosexual couple kissing in the confines of their bedroom or the thieving minister who dips hands in taxpayers’ money, ensuring we lack drugs in hospitals and clinics? Who should we shoot by firing squad; the two consenting women fondling their breasts or the public servant who steals money meant for roads, ensuring a poor infrastructure, accidents and deaths?

And just asking; if MPs are meant to air their constituents’ concerns; how big a problem is homosexuality in the rural Ndorwa West Constituency?


JJACKMAN said...

I like the way you think. Regardless of personal opinion on the matter, the matter at hand is just that "personal". It saddens me that so much energy is being put in to such a rediculous thing. Not just energy, but money that is badly needed elsewhere.

JJACKMAN said...

Interesting article. Not on what is going on in Uganda currently, but rather the US. You should check it out and let me know what you think :)

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dalton wanyera said...

you could be right in a way a part from people thinking that homosexuality is no an African behavior, it is more of a moral issue that doesn't require legislating about.

Anonymous said...

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