Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Yes-our joking leaders

I had decided to give this blog a break from politics. I had turned to my second passion; literature, fiction.
But there are times when you can’t help it. When you look at the things around you, around your leaders and yeah, you think you need to say something---even if you are pretty sure you may change nothing. Yes, posterity will not judge me harshly; that I looked on as theft, plunder, and lootocracy went on unabated.
For example, the other day this minister for Local Government, the bespectacled Adolf Mwesige told a gathering of local councillors, that this government was preparing to pay councillors gratuity, in a bid to show “gratification for the great work the councilors do”.
According to the minister, this would roll out starting 2010 financial year and taxpayers (you and me) would have to fork out no less than Shs3 billion for the start. Ok, when friends tell me we have jokers running this country, I try to vouchsafe for them; but surely how do you make a case in front of such mediocrity, such pedestrianism like that exhibited by Hon. Adolf?
What this servant of the nation is saying is that after some fellow runs to be councilor, basically bribes the voters to let them allow him represent them either at sub-county or district; then in the course appropriates all tenders to himself or friends, attends a session once a month or twice in three months, draw a fat allowance; his policies are basically disregarded---that after such selfless service, me, the taxpayer, should thank this guy. Fear for his job security and say, “Man, since voters have now kicked you out, because you were a louse, here is your kasimo, your envelope!”
Yes, Adolf and ilk want us to believe that politics is now a profession at the level of teachers, nurses, engineers and journalists et al. That we should reward people who simply seek power, aggrandize themselves, loot whatever is in their vicinity; after such exploits, we should say, what a job well done!
This colleagues, comes in the face and news that our budget to be read this month will announce a default in payment of pension to the tune of over Shs130 billion because the government is broke. This colleague, will come on the backdrop that civil servants in 41 districts have missed their April salaries because the Treasury was dry and the supplementary budget unapproved by the House.
Yes, on the backdrop of all these, our government will pay gratuity to councilors, just a year before the next election—who smells a rat here, like I do?????


Sleek said...

reminds me of the guy who,in response to the bad roads, wanted bigger cars...only in Africa

petesmama said...

Too many dead, smelly rats...

Esquire of the mountain said...

politics in uganda so disgusts me i would rather spend my time reading about hyena!