Monday, December 01, 2008

Stranger today

Something strange has happened to me today. You know when I walked into office, everyone kept staring at me. During the morning management meeting, it looked like the team could not concentrate and I saw members stealing glances-at me.
When I moved down to the canteen to have breakfast, the waiter kind of fumbled and before I knew it, the flask was on the ground—broken!! She had also been looking at me—with this strange look.
As I made my way back to my desk—I met this colleague—who after gazing at me for a while---asked, “Don, are you one of the candidates for the Kyadondo North by-election?”
I stared back, baffled. Then he contextualized. “Anti it is that suit. Why are you in a suit?”
Brethren, that is what you suffer when you go past your known bitenge and loose-fitting shirts to a Wandegeya-made suit. I am suffering it today.


Princess said...

Been trying to comment here for ages! What's wrong with this thing??

Princess said...

Finally, it lets me respond!
*How you been, Don?

What's a Wandegeya suit anyway? LOL

Solomon King said...

It's called being stereotyped. Like seeing Museveni in shorts and a vest.

Enjoy the attention while it lasts.