Sunday, August 03, 2008

for Rita--so short yet so sweet

What does one do, when someone comes into their lives, brightens it and suddenly disappears? Linger on the memories so sweet? Sulk for the future not met? Or write a verse to celebrate the great moments? I opt for the last

Like a comet you came
Into this whirlwind of a life
Brought a smile where a frown was the norm
Reminded me of youth gone past

Where cold ash lay, you rekindled the fire
What had become grunge, you scrubbed to shine
Like diesel oil, you kicked a lifeless car into life

But time beckons
Nature speaks
Fate dictates
Go you have

And like Desdemona unto Othello,
I beg—for the next, offer life too
Tell the tale the way you told


savvy said...

deep moving words..

wanyama said...

This is actually Paul's comment. He left it on my mail and i thought the right place was here.

That was a great poem Don,
It carries a heavy love ton,
I wish I had that love won,
I could not have let it be gone!

SilverBow said...

man! splintered heart, huh? i wouldnt say i know the feeling of bearibng a heart in pieces. where is your fighting spirit? only death can take away from you forever; long as u still exist on this same planet, fight on for what u want. i think.

Lisa said...

i just got back to read this and it stabbed me harder this time.i paul's words,if i had dat love won again,i would never let it go.ritah