Thursday, July 17, 2008

For You Mummy; Eternally indebted to u

At times I wonder how I emerged top of my poetry class at university. True, I was able to cram facts on the classical poets, mastered the epic of Beowulf, memorized the tales of Canterbury and off the fingers reeled facts on the Romantic poets---but surely, how could I, who even never wrote a single personal poem, emerge top of that class?
My conscience feeling betrayed, I today have decided to write a poem here (and you guessed right), it is dedicated to my mother, Felly. She turns 60 this December 12th and friends—guide me, what can I do to celebrate the life of such an inspirational woman?

Mummy; eternal grateful I am
Like the cow that watches over the newly-born calf
You guarded me jealously at birth,
Like the kangaroo that carries its young in a bag
You made sure I was tended to in childhood
Mummy—you went naked to see me clothed
On a hungry stomach you stood, so that I could feed
At five, you dragged me to watch my first stage play
I followed not, but you insisted I pay attention,
How I quacked when the boy passed near me, heading to the slaughter
Little did I know that he was the Ikemefuna I would later fall in love with,
Little did I know that I would grow to worship Achebe.

Mummy—you shaped my literary skills
Gave me abridged versions of Tom Sawyer
Warned me against taking on Huckleberry Finn’s manners
Told me to shun Okonkwo’s and Othello’s temper
And close to my mum I should be like Paul Morel.

Mummy—you have watched me grow
Like the tendril in the rainy season
From the mucus-dripping toddler
To the ranting blogger

I stood by and watched you teach
Little did I know that the quest would drive me
In front of hungry souls
And explain Jane Eyre to them
Like you mummy, I became a teacher.

No amount of praise here
Equals the sacrifice made

But rest assured—you are dearest to me mummy!
Happy 60th birthday mummy!!


Salam Taki said...


Thanks for composing a poem for my mum! Please compose yet anothers and another and another until you cometh not so far to the more deserving poem befitting mum. Thanks!

Just a reminder, I will be allover your site and you know the deal ... don't publish suspect reasoning ... because the best is expected from your beat Politics!


Signed: Chief

Carol Natukunda said...

hmmm... This is touching. I would have copied and pasted it for my own ma' to read, were she still alive. She was an English teacher...

Princess said...

I love this! ;)
Your mum will be completely blown away! And hell, you deserved to come top of that poetry class, whatever you say! :D

SilverBow said...

i have a suggestion: how about u pull a ka-mbire! u know hire this award winnin artiste to do a piece on and for her? how abt a movie this time? brilliant, huh? ah, u have a lifetime to restore your bu-life's savings.

Anonymous said...

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