Thursday, June 26, 2008

wild, weird west

Newlyweds Sharon Papo (L) and Amber Weiss (R) stand with Patti and David Weiss outside San Francisco City Hall after exchanging wedding vows on the first full day of legal same-sex marriages in California June 17, 2008. Gay marriage supporters see the move by the most populous U.S. state to allow same-sex weddings as an historic move long overdue, while opponents brand it a moral tragedy. REUTERS/Erin Siegal (UNITED STATES)

Guys, we all knew that mankind would lose his bearings. But did we expect it this early? How can those parents be happy "for their daughter and her wife"? Honestly, when Francis Imbuga noted in "Betrayal in the City" that when the madness of a nation afflicts an individual, perhaps it is not right to say the person is mad, he was right. This is madness of an entire nation!!!

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