Wednesday, December 12, 2007


What is the role of our existence? why do we walk this earth? Should our time here be a picnic or must we try to make it a picninc for everybody?
these questions trouble me. Bob, my good friend recently asked me: Why do we always have a sense of relief when we learn that somebody else might be in a worse position than we are in? why do we feel lighter when we know that it is not only us in a certain predicament?
Is human nature naturally selfish? do we always crave to see that others are in anguish like us?
Look, how else would you explain someone seeking to make wealth out of the misery of others? how can someone pocket sh4 billion meant for medication of HIV patients and he converts it to personal wealth in form of bungalows and luxury cars? If you have followed the Ugandan political theatre---you then know that am referring to a one Jim Muhwezi---a fromer health minister who appropriated Global Funds to his wallet.
And this is not limited to the top brass; picture the bodaboda guy, who upon seeing you well-dressed, decides to charge you double the normal price.
these things suck----but in subsequent posts, we shall unravel the changing face of man. Why the 'I' is superceding the 'We'. Why (in my prediction), we are going to destroy ourselves, as we try to create individual space for ourselves. I will guide you on how mankind is turning out to be mankind's biggest threat.
let me recollect.


JJACKMAN said...

I look forward to unraveling the "I" and the "We" with you!

lense-man said...

Jessie, thanks for visiting the blog. Indeed, you are welcome to be an active co-driver in this perilious journey...matatu style!!!!!!